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  • Helps in Muscle Recovery
  • Generally Consumed With Water
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  • Each serving of MuscleBlaze L-Glutamine provides you with 5g of L-Glutamine which enhances the recovery process to prevent any muscle breakdown
  • This supplement contains unadulterated and micro filtered L-glutamine which is easily absorbed by your muscles to improve the results
  • MuscleBlaze L-Glutamine improves immune response of your body to ensure that there are no breaks in your workout regime
  • L-Glutamine improves vasodilation to allow more blood flow to your muscles and, therefore, improve muscle volume and stamina
  • Enhanced recovery with MuscleBlaze L-Glutamine allows optimal performance with the most intense training sessions



MuscleBlaze L-Glutamine

Glutamine has been a staple in the supplementation strategy of most athletes and bodybuilders. Before you use glutamine, you need to understand what is glutamine?
L-glutamine powder is a form of amino acid that improves protein synthesis and thus, helps your body recover faster.
Faster recovery means that you are able to push your performance to the next level to achieve maximum gains and also improve muscle strength and volume. Recommended highly for those who indulge in highly stressful and intense training, a good best glutamine supplement can change push you towards a ripped and chiseled physique a lot faster.

Benefits of MuscleBlaze L-Glutamine

MuscleBlaze takes the frontline when it comes to effective and affordable supplements. The raw material is imported from across the globe to maintain high standards in quality. All products, including MuscleBlaze Glutamine, are manufactured in sports certified labs.

Here is a Complete MuscleBlaze Glutamine review.

  • Provides 5g of Glutamine per serving: With each serving of MuscleBlaze L-Glutamine, you get 5g of unadulterated glutamine. This micro-processed and filtered glutamine is absorbed readily by the body and provides significant results in a shorter span of time. Glutamine actively supports lean muscle gains allowing you to get the ripped physique that you are training for.
  • Improves Recovery Process: L-Glutamine is one of the primary amino acids that is found in your skeletal muscles. When you consume L-Glutamine supplement, you increase the glutamine levels in the blood so that your muscles have a constant supply of this vital nutrient. As MuscleBlaze Glutamine is absorbed quickly by the muscles, any breakdown is prevented, thus improving recovery and delaying muscle fatigue.
  • Boost Immunity: L-glutamine is known to improve immunity significantly. This is vital for bodybuilders who experience extreme stress due to intense training. With better immunity, your body is able to fight harmful infections and you will not have to worry about taking any breaks due to illness.
  • Allows Maximum Performance: One of the most important MuscleBlaze glutamine benefits besides faster recovery is vasodilation. This means that your muscles get a better supply of blood. As a result, they also have a higher oxygen supply. Along with this, glutamine is readily absorbed by the muscles to prevent any fatigue and muscle breakdown, allowing you to perform to your best abilities.


MuscleBlaze L-Glutamine does not have any taste making it an extremely versatile option for you to consume with any beverage of your choice.


MuscleBlaze L-Glutamine contains 5mg of L-Glutamine per serving. It contains no other ingredients.

How to Consume MuscleBlaze L-Glutamine?

Mix one scoop with 200ml water or any beverage of your choice. It is recommended that you consume only one scoop of Glutamine per day.

When to Consume MuscleBlaze L-Glutamine?

For maximum results, you can consume MuscleBlaze L-Glutamine, 0.55 lb Unflavoured:
  • Early in the Morning: Mix one scoop with any beverage of your choice to begin your day.
  • After Workout: Consume one scoop immediately after your workout to improve your rate of recovery.

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