What is LivPass ?
If you own a LivPass membership, you can work out wherever you want, however, you want & whenever you want across any of our partner gyms and fitness centers across your respective city in India.

Your membership starts from the date and time of purchase of the membership. If you have purchased a membership that has a validity of 30 days and includes 12 sessions then you can avail of these 12 sessions at any of our partner fitness facilities in your city in the valid period i.e 30 days after which your pass will expire.

How do I buy a LivPass ?

It’s extremely simple:-

  1. Open our website – www.livpal.com
  2. Click LivPass on the menu
  3. Select your location Click on the LivPass
When does the validity period starts
Validity period starts from the time you complete your Livpass purchase on our website.
Customer - “ I bought a (LivPass - Patiala City) which shows that I have 12 sessions and has a validity of 30 days. Does it mean that now I can access any of your partner facility with a single pass only ?
Livpal.com – “ Yes, you can use services of any of our partner facility in Patiala City with just LivPass that you own”
How do I get to know what all fitness centres are included in my pass ?

You can get to know about what fitness centres are included in your Pass in the following steps:-

The centres which will be included in your Livpass will have an orange ribbon saying “ Livpass Enabled Centre “ just as the above photo says.

You can also quickly check what all fitness facilities are included in your pass by clicking on “View Details” on the page shown in the below photo after you have logged in by clicking Livpass login

What is the procedure of accessing the fitness centres after buying LivPass ?

After buying the LivPass the customer will simply go to any of our partner facility of their city and do the following:-

  1. Open the camera on your mobile phone
  2. Scan our QR code
  3. You will be automatically directed to your dashboard on our website where you will confirm to avail of the session.
  4. You are all set. As simple as that.
What is the meaning of session ?

A session simply means a workout if you go to a gym or a time period alotted by a recreational or a sports centre such as billiards/pool centre, Swimming pool etc . Usually a session is 1hr to 1.5 hours long.