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Welcome to Sadhya Dance Classes, where the language of dance becomes a unique expression of fitness in the heart of Delhi. At Sadhya Dance, we believe in the power of movement, not only to keep you fit but also to express your individuality.

Led by expert instructors, our classes offer a diverse range of dance styles, ensuring there's a rhythm for every fitness enthusiast. Whether you're a seasoned dancer or taking your first steps, Sadhya Dance Classes is the place where passion meets movement.

Join our community passionate about dance, where every session is an opportunity to express yourself through the art of movement. Sadhya Dance Classes is not just a dance studio; it's a space where fitness and self-expression come together.

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Features List
  • Bharatanatyam
  • Bhangra
  • Break
  • Contemporary Dance
  • Dance Meditation
  • Folk
  • Freestyle
  • Hip Hop
  • Jazz


Gym Address
Vikas Marg, Block A, Laxmi Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110092, Block A, Near Laxmi Nagar Metro Station, Laxmi nagar, Delhi, 110092


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Sadhya Dance Classes, Laxmi nagar, Delhi 4 reviews

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4 reviews
  • ramesh

    Sadhya Dance Classes maintains a well-organized and professional studio environment. The facilities are clean, and the class schedules are convenient. The communication from the management is clear and timely. It’s evident that they care about creating a positive and efficient learning space for dancers of all ages. The attention to detail enhances the overall experience.

  • paras

    The passion of the instructors at Sadhya Dance Classes is contagious. They go beyond teaching steps; they impart the essence and emotion behind each dance. The sense of community among fellow dancers is incredibly supportive. It’s a place where everyone, regardless of skill level, is encouraged to express themselves through dance. The positive energy in the studio is inspiring

  • raghav

    Sadhya Dance Classes doesn’t just teach dance; it’s a cultural immersion. The classes cover a diverse range of dance forms, providing a rich experience in various traditional and contemporary styles. I appreciate the commitment to preserving cultural nuances, making each dance class not only a physical activity but also a journey into the history and stories behind the movements.

  • parth

    I’ve been a part of Sadhya Dance Classes for the past year, and it has been an incredible journey. The instructors are not only skilled dancers but also excellent teachers. They make learning dance enjoyable, breaking down complex moves into manageable steps. The dedication to preserving the authenticity of various dance forms is evident in every class. It’s a fantastic place for anyone passionate about dance.

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