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We are a sanctuary for lovers of classical dance, situated at I-1637, CR Park Marg, close to Physics Tutor Classes, CR Park, 110019. Welcome to Dhwani's Dance Academy. Our academy is committed to upholding and advancing the rich customs of Indian classical dance, emphasizing the exquisite Kathak and Bharatnatyam dance styles.

Enter our academy to witness the legendary Kathak and Bharatnatyam performances. Dhwani's Dance Academy provides a caring atmosphere for people of all ages and ability levels to explore the beauty and complexities of these ancient dance traditions under the direction of knowledgeable and devoted instructors.

Experience the allure of Kathak storytelling, which is renowned for its deft dance, expressive hand gestures, and engrossing tales. Our Kathak classes are made to offer students a thorough education that enables them to explore the creative and cultural core of this traditional dance form from North India.

Discover the grace and sculptural beauty of Bharatnatyam, a classical dance form from South India that is known for its precise movements and complex choreography. Our Bharatnatyam classes are centered on honing technique, encouraging artistic expression, and creating a strong sense of respect for the rich cultural legacy that this traditional dance forms.

At Dhwani's Dance Academy, we value community building over merely dance instruction. We encourage students to follow their passions, form enduring relationships, and appreciate the beauty of Indian classical dance.


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  • Kathak
  • Bharatnatyam


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I-1637, CR Park Marg, Near Phsics Tutor Classes, CR Park, 110019


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