BMP Fire Bhangra Crew and Academy

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The essence of Bhangra comes alive at the BMP Fire Bhangra Crew and Academy! Welcome! Our institution, located at WZ-156, Ravi Nagar Marg, close to Airtel Banking Point, Tilak Nagar, 110018, is committed to promoting the happiness and vitality of this lively style of Punjabi dance.

Our staff of knowledgeable instructors who are enthusiastic about Bhangra is something we are proud of at BMP Fire Bhangra Crew and Academy. Our instructors contribute their knowledge and passion to every class, making it an authentic and lively Bhangra experience, regardless of your level of experience.

Enter our dance studio, a setting created to inspire your love of dancing. With the newest sound and lighting systems, our studio creates a fully immersive space where you can let loose and express yourself via the dynamic Bhangra moves.

The BMP Fire Bhangra Crew and Academy is the place to be if you want to have fun, keep in shape, or just perfect your Bhangra talents. Come experience our energetic dance community, where each class is an opportunity to celebrate culture, friendship, and the pure joy of movement.

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Features List
  • Bhangra
  • expert instructors
  • spirited dance
  • dance studio
  • vibrant dance


Gym Address
WZ-156, Ravi Nagar Marg, Near Airtel Banking Point, Tilak Nagar, 110018


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Posted 4 months ago
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