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Welcome to Blazon Dance Academy, where dance becomes a canvas for expression in the heart of Delhi. At Blazon, we believe in the power of dance not only as a form of fitness but as a language that speaks through every movement.

Guided by expert choreographers, our academy offers a platform for individuals to express themselves through the art of dance. Whether you're a seasoned dancer or stepping onto the dance floor for the first time, Blazon Dance Academy is the space where passion meets expression.

Join our community passionate about the art of dance, where every session is an opportunity to move with emotion and rhythm. Blazon Dance Academy is not just a dance studio; it's a stage where the language of dance is celebrated and embraced.

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Features List
  • Bollywood
  • Salsa
  • Contemporary
  • Hip hop
  • B boying
  • Free Style
  • Jazz
  • Locking & popping


Gym Address
G-40, Basement, block- G, Near Domino"s Pizza, Kalkaji, New Delhi, 110019


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Blazon dance academy, Kalkaji, New Delhi 4 reviews

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4 reviews
  • yash

    Blazon Dance Academy goes beyond routine classes; it fosters a sense of community through recitals and performances. The camaraderie built during rehearsals and on-stage experiences creates a unique bond among dancers. It’s a dance studio where the stage becomes a shared space for artistic expression and collective celebration.

  • tarin

    At Blazon Dance Academy, dance isn’t just a skill; it’s a journey of personal growth. The academy boasts professional instructors who not only impart technical expertise but also nurture the individuality of each dancer. It’s a place where students evolve not just as dancers but as confident individuals.

  • tanishka

    What sets Blazon Dance Academy apart is its celebration of diverse dance styles. From the expressive moves of contemporary dance to the precision of classical ballet, the academy caters to a range of artistic expressions. It’s a space where creativity knows no bounds, and dancers find their unique voice.

  • shubham

    Blazon Dance Academy stands as a beacon for dance enthusiasts, offering a platform for mastery in the art of dance. This dance studio is more than a place to learn; it’s a haven where passion transforms into skill, and every step tells a unique story.

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